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Our story

Cherished MemoriesWe first met in Tabor, Iowa during the spring of 1990. It was love at first sight. We dated for two months and got married on June 15th. Our adventure started when we moved to the Big Island of Hawaii that summer. We had the desire to serve the Lord in various ministries at church and were inspired to write music. After 4 years, we were led to move to Phoenix, Arizona. Here we faced the season of tears. The Lord brought us to the desert to get delivered and restored from our past. Unity in Christ gave us the hope to endure. After almost 12 years of prayer, Sarena was born in the spring of 2002. Our miracle led us to sell our home, let go of our corporate jobs and to move closer to our family. We wanted Sarena to get to know her relatives. First, we lived in the Midwest (2 yesrs in Tabor, Iowa/1 year in Bellevue/Omaha, Nebraska). Next, in the summer of 2005, we moved back to Hawaii (1 year Hamakua Coast/1 1/2 years Hilo). Finally, through prayer and waiting on the Lord, we stepped out in faith and started our music ministry right before moving to Arizona. We made a full circle, state to state, for the second time around. Our missions trip(1 1/2 yrs)to South Texas gave us the opportunity to reach out to people near the border of Mexico. We continue to face spiritual warfare. But, that's part of our lifestyle. The battle belongs to the Lord!

The North Family

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